About preRed

preRed was founded in Greece in 2009 by people with extensive experience in marketing and business development. preRed maintains offices in the Technological and Scientific Park "Leukippos", located at the National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos".


The main object of our company is to provide Software - as - Service (SaaS) relating to the collection and evaluation of customer experience (CFMs, Customer Feedback Management system), for every kind of business.

preRed also provides its customers with business planning services, marketing strategy and Internet marketing. Contact for preRed services.

We strongly recommend the customer experience collection to all businesses. The main idea is to set up a simple but complete service that starts by customer's feedback and delivers vital statistics on the everyday running of your business. Learn more about your customer feedback!

Why preRed;

preRed services are focused on your customer in an easy and effective way using new and tested technologies.

Our value-for-money service will surprise you pleasantly. See our offer. Contact us!