At a Glance

With CFMs (Customer Feedback Management system), preRed provides you with:

  • A questionnaire automatically published on a public url, accessible through smartphones, tablets,
  • A printable document for you to place in plain view inside your premises. This document informs your customers about your concern on quality and directs to the mobile page questionnaire.
  • Contests to offer gifts and to motivate your customers in providing feedback.
  • Multi-view for your business with statistics.
  • Multi language content for your customers.

Collecting Customer Experience

The importance of the customer feedback collection is highly regarded as a vital factor for enhancing and developing every service and product. This process includes a valid, user friendly and understandable questionnaire easily accessed by handheld devices. For businesses that need a more holistic approach or face technical challenges in administering and managing a customer feedback system, we come to the rescue!

We help you with:

  • Real time feedback collection.
  • Feedback collection for products with Q.R. code links on packaging.
  • Feedback collection through links on your website.
  • Customer feedback through Email Campaigns.

CFMs, (Customer Feedback Management system) can be a hosted service, or white-labeled with the look and feel of your business, or a service installed at your premices.

On request and agreement, preRed can provide you with statistical analysis (CFMs-STATS) on a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, four-month, six-month and annual basis.